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Khaotic Nature-Stage 18
Stage 18: Turbulent Winds
Narrator: When we last left off, Quenn and Marina infiltrated Bone Island in an effort to rescue Millefeuille, but found a slavery ring being run on the unmarked island. Infuriated at the way the girls on the island were being treated, Marina fought back against the slavers, almost jeopardizing their mission. Marina’s newest friend and cellmate, Gita, was later kidnapped to bait Marina into a trap. After a brief fight with a few of the slavers, Marina had been poisoned and when she awoke, she found herself face to face with Nero Gregorov, the man in charge of the slavery operation. Nero planned to use Marina as breeding stock, but not before he vowed to make her watch as he purged Gita. However, Quenn managed to rescue Gita. Quenn and Marina struggled against Nero before Keith appeared to even the odds. However, it was all up to Marina to stop the power-hungry slaver. With Millefeuille and the other girls finally freed from their nightmare, the Adepts co
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Mature content
Khaotic Nature-Stage 17 :iconquinmchale:quinmchale 1 0
Mature content
Khaotic Nature-Stage 16 :iconquinmchale:quinmchale 1 0
Marina Revamp :iconquinmchale:quinmchale 2 4
Mature content
Khaotic Nature-Stage 15 :iconquinmchale:quinmchale 1 2
Mature content
Khaotic Nature-Stage 14 :iconquinmchale:quinmchale 0 2
Khaotic Nature-Stage 13
Stage 13: The Ancient Light
Narrator: When we last left off, the Adepts reached an unnamed village in search of supplies when they stumbled upon the carnage of a horrifying scene. The village had been braised, most of its huts reduced to cinders, its crops unusable, and the villagers themselves lay in pools of blood. The only survivor of the carnage was a young girl named Mirage. Knowing that it would be too dangerous to leave her at the village by herself, the Adepts opted to take Mirage to the next village with them. However, the Adepts were accosted by Antiochus, revealed to be the menace behind the attack. Quenn was about to suggest a retreat until they were ready to fight him, but when Keith sought to draw first blood, Antiochus quickly began to turn the tide of the battle in his direction. The Adepts, heavily beaten, were forced to make a hasty retreat from the village. Not ready to face Antiochus’ level of skill, the Adepts began to despair until Mirage made a suggestion.
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Mature content
Khaotic Nature-Stage 12 :iconquinmchale:quinmchale 1 2
Mature content
Khaotic Nature-Stage 11 :iconquinmchale:quinmchale 1 0
Khaotic Nature-Stage 10 Revised
Stage 10: Finding the Source III
Narrator: When we last left off, the Adepts made their way to Hanako’s shrine, where the fanatics revealed themselves and their plans. They also revealed themselves to be the conspirators behind the massacre of the Lunarians. This revelation shocks Kibane to the core, making her doubtful of everything. The Adepts, angered at the physical and psychological pain that their friends are in, fight against the fanatics to a stalemate. As the Adepts fought, the beasts of darkness began their attack on Mumeishi Village. Tai and the Yagami Clan intercepted the beasts, vowing to finally fight for the long-awaited freedom their village deserves after many years of oppression. Back at the shrine, Quenn was able to motivate Kibane back into the battle. Vigor renewed, Kibane took out the two lesser fanatics. However, the leader of the fanatics revealed his trump card, transforming in what he called the “Dark Guardian”. If the Adepts are unable to de
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Khaotic Nature-Stage 9 Revised
Stage 9: Finding the Source II
Narrator: When we last left off, the Adepts and Kibane took a visit to the Fairy Spring. There, they met Yue, the queen of fairies, who warned them of evil intentions involving the Black Hollow. Meanwhile, Pi and Violet fought to get themselves clear of the beasts, but were subdued by the fanatics. The fanatics then began to set their plan into motion. Kibane and the Adepts rushed quickly to the shrine, finding Pi and Violet within an inch of their lives. Before passing out, Pi makes Quenn promise to protect Mumeishi Village and to keep Violet alive. Quenn, ready to stop the fanatics, gives an order to the rest of the Adepts…
After Marina manages to stabilize Violet and Pi, she walks over to Quenn.
Marina: That should be enough to keep them stable. They’ll be okay with not too much lasting damage.
Quenn: That’s good to hear. What about the poison?
Marina: I managed to remove as much of it as I could. There’s no telling how much of
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Khaotic Nature-Stage 8 Revised
Stage 8: Finding the Source I
Narrator: When we last left off, the Adepts met Pi of the Yagami Clan and were imprisoned until the village elder cleared up the confusion. The village elder, Tai, recognized Kibane as the little girl he once rescued some time ago, and that she must have led them through one of the numerous Lunar Paths in order to find the village. He told the Adepts and Kibane that a darkness was slowly encroaching the forest, and if nothing was done about it soon, the village would be overtaken by the beasts within the outer rim of the Black Hollow. The Adepts agreed to help (with Keith agreeing reluctantly) in order to progress through the forest to continue their journey. Tai sends the Adepts with Kibane to locate the mystical Fairy Spring, where they would meet Yue, the queen of fairies. Meanwhile, Pi and his female companion, Violet, approached the shrine, where they would learn that the darkness is the result of a black magic spell cast by a trio of fanatics who wis
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Quenn Action Pose :iconquinmchale:quinmchale 1 0 New Avi :iconquinmchale:quinmchale 1 0 Sara and Vicky :iconquinmchale:quinmchale 5 9
Khaotic Nature-Stage 7 Revised
Stage 7: Mumeishi Village
Narrator: When we last left off, the Adepts began their perilous trek through the Black Hollow. Along the way, they met a peculiar teenage girl named Kibane, who was being pursued by one of the Hollow’s dangerous beasts. After chasing it off, the Adepts talk with Kibane in her hut high above the ground. However, a gigantic plant monster tore through the hut, intent on finally consuming its fill. In a desperate struggle, Kibane bore her fangs and defeated the blood-eater. Having emerged from one of the Hollow’s Lunar Paths, the Adepts approach a village, but notice the people quickly running into their homes. However, while looking for someone to speak with, they run into the village’s protectors, who have threatened to arrest them…
The scene picks up from the conclusion of the previous chapter with the Adepts trapped by Pi’s shadow-like tendrils.
Keith: Say what?!
Pi: You heard me. I said, you’re all under arrest.
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I'll admit I haven't really been posting that much lately. That's mainly due to real-life issues, though. Also, I didn't want to do anything if I couldn't fully commit to it, so I kind of put Khaotic Nature down for a little bit. I will get back to it, but it may take longer.
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Stage 18: Turbulent Winds

Narrator: When we last left off, Quenn and Marina infiltrated Bone Island in an effort to rescue Millefeuille, but found a slavery ring being run on the unmarked island. Infuriated at the way the girls on the island were being treated, Marina fought back against the slavers, almost jeopardizing their mission. Marina’s newest friend and cellmate, Gita, was later kidnapped to bait Marina into a trap. After a brief fight with a few of the slavers, Marina had been poisoned and when she awoke, she found herself face to face with Nero Gregorov, the man in charge of the slavery operation. Nero planned to use Marina as breeding stock, but not before he vowed to make her watch as he purged Gita. However, Quenn managed to rescue Gita. Quenn and Marina struggled against Nero before Keith appeared to even the odds. However, it was all up to Marina to stop the power-hungry slaver. With Millefeuille and the other girls finally freed from their nightmare, the Adepts continued on their journey…

The Adepts are shown walking to the start of Gust Valley.

Marina: This place looks pretty vast.

Brandon: Technically, it is a desert, so you’d be right about it being vast. It’s a pretty long stretch to Shima Town through here.

Quenn: Well, guys, if we want to make some distance, we need to start right away.

The Adepts start their trek into Gust Valley. In Antiochus’ fortress within the Shadowlands, Antiochus has learned of Banenoir’s defeat at the hands of the Adepts. Watching them through a mirror-like portal, Antiochus speaks to his Generals.

Antiochus: I see. So those children were able to defeat Banenoir. It seems that we should underestimate them a little bit less. But that isn’t what really irks me. What does is that with Banenoir’s defeat, they were able to procure the Venus Stone. That simply won’t do. We must not only take the Mars Stone they have, but we must get back the Venus Stone that Banenoir lost in his beetle-headed attempt. (he looks at the remaining three Generals) You all must now divide his share of the fighting, and get those Planet Stones.

Gali: I’ll do it, Master Antiochus.

Antiochus: [nodding] Very well, Gali. I’ll leave it to you. Just try not to make the same mistake that Banenoir did. As we know, the Adepts are crossing through Gust Valley. We cannot allow them to get any further on their quest.

Gali: [nodding] I’ll bring you their Planet Stones, along with their skulls.

Gali stands up before walking away. Icirrus follows her.

Icirrus: Gali… where are you going?

Gali: I’m going to fix that bungling fool’s mess. In a sense, Banenoir was right on the money about these Planet Stones, and their ability to enhance one’s power. With the Jupiter Stone, my winds will be powerful enough to tear those meddling Adepts to shreds.

Icirrus: We can’t afford to lose another Planet Stone. Doing just as Banenoir did won’t ensure victory for you.

Gali: Really? And you honestly believe that Antiochus isn’t above punishing one of his Generals for hiding a lowly human from him?

Icirrus stays silent.

Gali: Just as I thought. Do me a favor and keep quiet about my plan. However, if I return and find out that you’ve told, I’ll tell Master Antiochus everything.

Gali turns on her heels and walks out of the hall, leaving Icirrus alone. Deep within Gust Valley, the Adepts have managed to cross a quarter of the way through, resting within a cave in a crag to wait out the recent sandstorm.

Keith: [spitting out sand] Eugh! Pah! Puh! Yep, genuine desert sand, all right.

Marina: You know you’re supposed to keep your mouth closed during a sandstorm, right?

Quenn: Seems like it’s really starting to pick up out there. Get comfortable, guys; it’s gonna be a while.

Keith: Hey, I got no problem with that. It beats getting lost.

The Adepts spend most of the night within the cave, waiting for the sandstorm to finish. Gali is then shown flying in the direction of Gust Valley.

Gali: [thinking] It’s inconceivable how those kids were able to defeat Banenoir. Granted, Banenoir had always been hardheaded. But with his defeat, the Adepts now have two Planet Stones. (clutches the Jupiter Stone in her hand; continues thinking) But I won’t allow them to claim a third. The Adepts’ story shall end, right here in this very desert.

Back in the cave, the Adepts sit and talk as they wait out the sandstorm.

Brandon: We’ve barely even managed to get through a quarter of this desert. With the sandstorms occurring every other moment, getting to Shima Town is pretty treacherous as Carêmella said it would be.

Marina: But to get to Shima Town, we have to cross through this place. Since Shima Town is the only place with working airships, there’s no other way.

Keith: There’s also the three remaining Generals, and Squid Face himself. I think that after dealing with Banenoir, we should be able to take the rest of them.

Brandon: Yeah, the one who was the first to get knocked out by Antiochus is saying that.

Keith: I could’ve taken him! Besides, it’s not like you did any better, Mr. Sneak Attack.

Quenn: As far as I see it, we all pretty much lost. Now that we know just how devious Antiochus can be to achieve his goals, this should give us something to work towards.

Marina: We also have to wonder if the other members of the Generals are using the Planet Stones to enhance their abilities like Banenoir did. (she recalls the battle with Banenoir) It seemed like the Venus Stone gave him a great degree of mastery over his abilities. Maybe that’s their plan?

Brandon: I doubt that, Marina. Even though it seems they can benefit from the stones that match their affinity, the stones serve some greater purpose if they are all together.

Keith: All I know is that we’re spinning our wheels going crazy about what to do. We know that Aster is being held in a place called the Shadowlands, so what’s stopping us from going there and launching our own campaign against Squiddy McSquiddles and his goons?

Quenn: Because we’re not ready to fight against Antiochus yet.

Brandon: While I hate to agree with Keith, which is most of the time, ironically he’s right.

Keith: That’s right. [realizes what Brandon has said] Hey!

Brandon: This campaign might just give us a chance to not only stop Antiochus and the Generals, but it could also lead us to finding Aster and the remaining two Planet Stones. Every time we hesitate, the trail to find Aster grows colder and colder. We need to dig deep, explore the extent of our powers, and believe that we -- at least, theoretically -- have a chance at beating Antiochus.

Quenn: If you guys think so, then let’s give it a try.

Soon after, the sandstorm has stopped. The Adepts, having camped out inside the cave, wake up.

Brandon: We should probably get going. Who knows how long it’ll be before another sandstorm blows through.

The Adepts pack up and leave the cave and continue through the crag until they reach a seemingly endless stretch of desert.

Marina: Well, this looks promising.

Quenn: Let’s see if we can try to reach Shima Town before nightfall.

Keith notices a strange shadow at the tip of the crag’s shadow.

Keith: That may have to wait. There’s something on the crag behind us.

Marina: What could it be?

Quenn: Not sure, but stay ready.

The Adepts look around warily. Unknown to them, Gali is standing atop the crag.

Gali: [thinking] So, they’ve become aware. They have no idea that I’m the one who is watching them. Maybe I should announce my arrival.

Gali swings her arm forward, producing a blade of wind. The blade of wind then slashes the sand to the left of the Adepts.

Quenn: Whoa!

Keith: What was that?!

Another blade of wind slashes through the sand again, this time to the right of the Adepts.

Brandon: Whatever it is, it’s very sharp. Watch out!

Gali: [thinking] One more…

Gali produces a third blade of sand, which travels straight towards the Adepts.

Marina: There’s another blade, and it’s heading straight for us!

Quenn: Tornado Wing!!

Quenn swings his arm forward and produces a funnel of wind surrounded by electric charges. The tornado crashes into the blade and both attacks disperse. Quenn looks up toward the crag and notices Gali.

Quenn: Keith got it right before. We were being watched.

Gali: [laughing] Well, aren’t you the inquisitive one. [Gali drops down from the top of the crag] Hello, foolish Adepts. Short-lived separation, eh?

Marina: Gali.

Gali: That’s right, and I’m here to seek retribution for a comrade of mine. You should know.

Keith: Of course. You Generals are pretty much all alike.

Gali: Two Planet Stones, and you’ve already gotten cocky. Thanks to Banenoir failing, I have to clean up his mess. The difference between him and me was that he was stupid enough to allow himself to be defeated. But I’ll be the one taking the Planet Stones you have.

Keith: Or we beat you for the Planet Stone you have.

Marina: Do you really have to antagonize people?

Keith: Can’t help it; it’s what I do.

Gali: One way or another, I will take back the Venus Stone, and I’ll also be taking the Mars Stone from your mutilated corpses when I’m done.

Gali raises her arm and fires five Feather Bullets toward the Adepts. The Adepts jump away from the attack, which leaves marks in the sand where they were once standing. Keith  begins forming a fireball in his hands.

Keith: Tango Flame!!

Keith thrusts his arms out and launches his attack at Gali. The attack flies toward Gali and seems to hit, but when the fireball explodes, Gali is unfazed.

Keith: What the heck?!

Gali: That was my Blast Screen. By manipulating the air around me, I can deflect any of those weaksauce projectiles of yours. This, or course, leaves you all perfectly open to my attacks. Feather Bullets!!

Gali launches more feathers at the Adepts. The Adepts scramble away desperately, avoiding the projectiles as they strike the ground. The Adepts take cover behind a rocky mesa as Gali continues launching feathers.

Gali: [laughing] Why don’t you come out and play, kiddies? I’m sure there’s more than enough to go around!

A feather scrapes past the top of the mesa, barely grazing Brandon’s head.

Brandon: This mesa won’t last that long!

Quenn: Eventually, with those feathers of hers, there won’t be any place left to take cover.

Gali: That dumb rock won’t keep you safe for long! The Grim Reaper awaits you!

Gali launches a torrent of feathers that destroys the mesa, exposing the Adepts.

Gali: I see you! [she launches a torrent of Feather Bullets in the direction of the Adepts] I win!

Quenn: Not yet! Tornado Wing!!

Quenn uses the Tornado Wing to cancel out the feathers. Quenn then leaps up and spins rapidly, forming the Mirage Typhoon. Gali smirks and begins to spin rapidly as well, forming a typhoon of her own. The two typhoons collide with each other and cancel each other out. As the typhoons disperse, Quenn and Gali are shown having blocked each other’s kicks. Quenn and Gali leap away from each other, and Quenn does two back handsprings before regrouping with the other Adepts. Keith dashes forward, shrouded in flames. Gali smirks as she counters Keith’s Burst Rocket technique with her Slashing Top technique. Keith and Gali collide into each three times, but Gali is able to outmaneuver Keith.

Gali: You shouldn’t match power with speed. It makes it easier for others to get behind you.

Gali knocks Keith out of the sky with a rolling leg drop. Keith turns his momentum to land upright and starts to charge another Tango Flame.

Gali: You fool! Did you not hear that your projectiles are useless against me? You may as well be spitting at a cannonball!

Keith tries to launch the Tango Flame, but Gali summons a funnel of wind beneath. The wind funnel rises, and Keith is trapped inside it. The fireball he had been forming fizzles out.

Brandon: She’s drawing the oxygen out of him! He can’t use his powers!

Keith starts to gasp for air, kneeling on the ground with a hand to his throat. Gali starts to concentrate hard on the funnel, but she is unaware of Marina’s Dousing Pulse, which strikes her in the head. This causes Gali to stop focusing, which disperses the funnel around Keith.

Gali: [turns to Marina] You little wench! You want to get in my way, too? Fine! Let’s see how well you can do without your friends backing you up.

Marina: Likewise.

Marina gets into a fighting stance and Gali does the same. Then, Marina dashes toward Gali and jumps into the air with a spin kick. Gali dodges the attack and thrusts her leg out in an attempt to strike Marina, but Marina pushes her leg aside and swings her own leg around for another kick. The kick barely whiffs past Gali’s face as she evades the attack with a spin. Gali and Marina return to their fighting stances.

Gali: You’re doing quite well, little girl. Not bad for a healer.

Marina: You’re not too bad yourself.

Gali: Indeed. I’d say it’s getting very interesting now.

Gali flies over to Marina and strikes her with a kick. Marina is hit in the chest and is sent flying back quite a distance. Marina recovers with a back handspring as Gali flies over to her and swings her leg around with a strong kick. Marina bends back into a bridge and uses her hands to flip back upright. Marina spins around with an illusion kick, striking Gali on top of the head. As Gali staggers from the blow, Marina drops to the ground and launches both her feet out, striking Gali and knocking her airborne. While in the air, Gali tucks into a ball and flips backwards to recover and lands on her feet. Gali dashes toward Marina, throwing a couple of punches and three spinning kicks, causing Marina to lose ground. Marina drops to the ground and tries to sweep Gali using both of her legs, but Gali leaps into the air to avoid it. Gali utilizes a Feather Bullet as a makeshift dagger to thrust down at Marina, but Marina pushes her feet up to meet Gali’s, pushing her into the air to keep her from landing. Marina then rolls away as Gali lands harmlessly on the sand.

Gali: I’d say it’s time to stop playing with the kid gloves now. You may be on par with me now… [she pulls out the Jupiter Stone] …but when I use this, the gap between us will be widened once more.

Gali squeezes the Jupiter Stone and becomes enveloped in a purple aura for a short time. Then, Gali dashes toward Marina with a burst of speed that surprises her. Gali strikes Marina in the plexus with a kick, which sends Marina tumbling back a bit before Marina rolls up to a standing position. Marina dashes forward and attempts four palm strikes, which Gali effortlessly manages to dodge. Marina attempts a roundhouse kick, but Gali ducks beneath it and uses her leg to sweep Marina’s legs from beneath her. Marina falls to the sand onto her back, but before she can move, Gali steps on her chest, pinning her to the ground.

Gali: I can’t believe how easy this is! Honestly, I thought killing you and your friends and taking your Planet Stones would be more fun.

Keith: Why you--!

Keith and Quenn start to move, but Marina stops them.

Marina: [strained] Stop!

Quenn: Huh?

Marina: I want to do this myself! Don’t help me unless I absolutely need it!

Gali: Funny. You’re the one who’s on the ground, and you’re refusing help? And I thought Banenoir was dim!

Marina: [strained] Why… are you doing this?!

Gali: A simple question, really. It’s because of humans like you, always believing that you can just hunt and destroy those who are different from you. And you Adepts are the worst hypocrites of all, taking the side of the humans, when the humans are able to do things like this to us! [Gali unzips the front of her top, revealing a cross-shaped scar] Do you see it? This is what the humans of your pathetic, feeble race did. Those hunters, who nearly tore me open for their own sick amusement! How can you defend them?!

Marina: It still doesn’t explain why. What do you hope to gain by gathering the Planet Stones?

Gali: [as she zips her top up] Equality. A world where no one will judge or chastise anyone because of their species. And to do that, I must have the Planet Stones!

Marina: [strained] You have to stop this. I know you’re upset about what those hunters did, but you can’t take that out on the ones who don’t deserve it! Do you really think Antiochus cares about you? He doesn’t care about anyone but himself, or anything except what he desires! He’ll double-cross anyone in order to get what he wants as long as it suits him!

Gali: [presses her foot harder onto Marina’s chest] How dare you slander my master with those insolent lies?! [Gali removes her foot, then picks Marina up from the ground, placing her over her shoulders in a rack] I’ll make you retract that right before you die.

Just then, a burst of wind strikes Gali in the back, causing her to let go of Marina.

Gali: What?!

Gali turns her head to see Quenn standing with his palms  extended toward her.

Quenn: I’d say this counts as an “absolute need”!

This distracts Gali long enough for Marina to use both of her legs and sweep Gali off her feet. Gali falls onto her back.

Gali: [thinking] Not good… the power of the Jupiter Stone is being overcome…!

Marina walks over to Gali. Gali stands up slowly and gets into her fighting stance.

Gali: [growling in anger] You little bitch! Do you honestly believe you can still match me?!

Marina: Trust me, Gali, this time, it’s not gonna be a match.

Marina dashes forward and strikes Gali with a powerful kick that sends Gali flying across the desert. Marina chases after Gali and follows up with a few rapid palm strikes. Gali tries to counterattack with a head-butt, but Marina flips back, striking Gali with her heel. Marina leaps forward with a full twist and attempts a dropkick, planting both feet into Gali’s chest. Gali staggers back from the blow as Marina spins around with another illusion kick, striking Gali on the top of the head again, this time knocking her out cold. Marina searches Gali and retrieves the Jupiter Stone.

Keith: Jeez, Mousey. Pretty sure she’ll be feeling that for weeks.

Quenn: Okay, so this makes three of the Planet Stones now. One more, and we’re close to stopping Antiochus’ plan.

Marina: But out of the two remaining members, we don’t know which one would have it. Since we have the Mars, Venus and Jupiter Stones, the only one that remains is the Mercury Stone. And if any of the two remaining members possesses an elemental ability attuned to it, they may utilize it like Banenoir and Gali did with the Venus and Jupiter Stones.

Quenn: Well, there is one thing I know for sure. [an image of Zhane appears] Zhane isn’t the one holding the Mercury Stone.

Marina: [remembering Icirrus] Do you guys remember that girl who helped direct us to Bone Island? She’s a member of the Generals of Order, but yet, she’s the only one of the Generals who hasn’t attacked us. Also, she asked us for amnesty so that none of us would attack the other.

Brandon: You have a point. That girl is the only one whose abilities we haven’t seen in action.

Quenn: You think that Zhane and that girl are somewhere in the Shadowlands?

Keith: If they are, we need to find out. [he walks up to Gali] As far as we know, there’s only one Planet Stone and two members of the Generals of Order left. We need to find them and end this. What do you know?

Gali: [chuckles] Only that you won’t be able to reach the Shadowlands by normal means. The only way to get there is through a Nightfall Corridor, or by invitation, but seeing how neither of you possess any Necro-Elchemy and Master Antiochus isn’t particularly interested in you to bring you to his abode, I’d say you’re out of luck on both counts. If you plan on using me to help you, then you’d better just kill me right now, because I have no intention of helping you hypocrites.

Quenn: We’re not gonna do that, not when you may have information we need.

Gali: [laughing] Seriously? Is that the best you have? If so, then you’ll never be able to defeat Master Antiochus!

At that moment, the sky becomes dark and a psionic bolt strikes from above. The bolt strikes Gali at the top of the head. Gali’s mouth hangs slightly open and her eyes have rolled back, leaving them completely white. Gali’s lifeless body falls to the side. The image of Antiochus appears in the sky.

Antiochus: [voice-over] Another failure! However, I will acknowledge Gali’s willingness to lay down her life for me. Oh, how I wish the rest of the Generals had her loyalty.

Keith: You bastard!

Antiochus: Now, now, no need for name-calling when I’m just stating the obvious. You may have three Planet Stones now, but as I see it, it’s still anyone’s game. But even then, you still lose. I still have the Mercury Stone, but with no way to use Necro-Elchemy, there’s no way you’ll be able to reach the Shadowlands! Guess your precious Aster forgot to mention that. Ta-ta for now!

Antiochus’ image vanishes and the sky returns to normal. At the same time, Gali’s body has evaporated into black dust.

Marina: Now what?

Keith: You heard squid head; without Necro-Elchemy, there’s no way for us to get to the Shadowlands, and to keep us from using Gali to make a way for us, he killed her. All this time, we’ve been chasing a dead end.

Brandon: So, we came all this way for nothing?

Quenn: I don’t believe that! [the other Adepts look at him] It’s not impossible. There has to be a way. Aster’s depending on us to help him, and everyone back in Corinth Village is depending on us to bring him back. We may not have any Necro-Elchemy, but don’t forget, there’s still two members of the Generals of Order that remain. Maybe we can try to convince them of Antiochus’ real intentions, and in turn, that would help persuade them to our cause.

Marina: Are you sure that will work, Quenn? With Antiochus holding the power of death over his own Generals, there’s no way we’d be able to sway them to our cause. [remembers Icirrus] But I bet if we were somehow able to persuade that girl to our cause, we may able to get there.

Brandon: That may work. If we want to get the final Planet Stone back, that seems like our best option.

Back at the Obsidian Fortress, Zhane’s eyes open slowly as Icirrus approaches him.

Icirrus: Is something the matter, Zhane?

Zhane: Gali’s life force has completely faded. Master Antiochus took her life to keep her from being compromised. But before that, she was clearly on the ropes. [looks at Icirrus] You and I are all that remains of the Generals of Order. Without Gali or Banenoir, Master Antiochus’ plan has become more difficult to execute. [he looks out the window and an image of Quenn is shown; thinking] This battle’s not over, not by a long shot…

End of Chapter
Khaotic Nature-Stage 18
Back with another stage of Khaotic Nature, and this time it didn't take as long.

Our heroes attempt to cross through Gust Valley, a vast desert with constant, raging sandstorms, as they make their way to Shima Town. Meanwhile, Gali seeks revenge for her fallen teammate...

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Stage 17: Bone Island III

Narrator: When we last left off, Quenn and Marina traveled to the deadly Bone Island as a slaver and a slave to find and rescue Millefeuille. However, getting her off the island would prove to be easier said than done. Marina tried to rally the girls in order to get them to fight back against their oppressors, but the girls were afraid to act. Gita revealed that the one thing they feared more than being sent to the brothel was an inhumane process called “purging”, where defiant girls were abandoned in the middle of the volcanic waters. But when one of the slavers, Ahab, began to torment her friend, Marina took it upon herself to fight him back. Convinced by Ahab that Marina may be a spy, Nero told Ahab to bring Marina to him. The slavers kidnapped Gita as bait, and now Marina is their next target…

Continuing from the previous chapter, Marina is surrounded by the five slavers. Among them is Ahab, who looks at Marina with an evil smirk.

Marina: [thinking] This isn’t looking good. If they got to Gita before me…

Ahab: Get her!

Marina drops into a split to avoid two of the slavers, who charge at her with clubs. They both swing their clubs in an attempt to hit her, but end up hitting each other. Marina performs a sweep using both of her legs, sweeping them off their feet completely. The lead slaver charges at her, but Marina slides beneath his legs in a low limbo-like form before striking the slaver in the crotch. Marina dashes away from the remaining slavers. Ahab gets up from being struck in the crotch and looks at Marina as she runs.

Ahab: It’s good for us that Master Nero didn’t say we had to bring the bitch to him particularly intact.

Marina continues to run from the slavers while pulling out a smartphone-like object.

Marina: [under breath] Quenn, pick up! I’m in trouble!

Quenn: [on other line] What’s going on?

Marina: It’s the slavers! I think they’ve started to put two and two together! We need to find some way to get everyone out of here quickly!

Quenn: [other line] Still think this is a good idea?

Marina barely has time to react as a slaver cuts her off.

Marina: Let me get back to you on that.

Marina slides forward on her hands and launches a two-legged mule kick at the slaver, knocking him down. Another slaver comes out from a room next to her and tries to strike her with a club, but Marina is quickly able to dodge the blow. Marina quickly gets up into a standing position and the slaver again tries to hit her with the club. Marina parries it with the palm of her hand, then swings one leg out, tripping the slaver up. The slaver falls to the ground, but still reaches for the club. Marina spins around and strikes the slaver with a low pirouette-style kick across the face. Marina goes back to her phone and starts to pick it up, but as she stoops down, something sharp pierces her shoulder. Marina reaches around and pulls it out, revealing it to be a needle, soaked in some sort of hallucinogenic chemical.

Marina: [thinking] Not good.

Three more needles pierce into Marina, injecting the same chemical into her. Marina drops to all fours, weak from the chemicals, but just before she can try to regain her footing, Ahab has caught up to her, clamping a hand over her mouth and nose. In his hand is a pad soaked with halothane. Marina, too weak from the previous chemicals to resist, falls into a listless sleep. Ahab lets her drop to the ground as more slavers arrive.

Ahab: Let’s take her to Master Nero. She’ll be keeping her friend company until we find that other friend of hers.

Marina is picked up and carried off by the slavers, leaving her phone behind. Meanwhile, Keith and Brandon have reached the village where the slavers operate. The village is swarming with slavers, as they are on high alert.

Keith: No way in. They must’ve stepped up their security since Quenn and Marina were last here.

Brandon closes his eyes as if he is listening for something. A seismic wave is emitted from Brandon’s feet, which locks on to something underground. Brandon’s eyes pop open suddenly.

Brandon: Keith, I think there’s something underground!

Keith: What?

Brandon: [closes his eyes again] I think… I think it’s a train. A bullet train!

Keith: Of course! If anything ever went wrong, the head honcho would need some way to get off of that island quickly. Can you find an entrance?

Brandon: [cracks his knuckles] I can make one. Try to get in touch with Quenn. I’ll start working.

Keith pulls out the same smartphone device and calls Quenn.

Quenn: Is that you, Keith?

Keith: Yep. You’re not gonna believe this. Brandon and I just found some kind of bullet train that should take us right out to where you and Marina are.

Quenn: A bullet train?

Keith: Yeah. We think it may be some private bullet train that goes to and from the island. It’s probably the escape route for the big cheese there.

Quenn: Right. If anything went wrong, he would need a way to get out of here. Do you know how many people it can hold?

Keith: We don’t know that part yet. Brandon’s digging a tunnel to get us in as we speak.

Quenn: You guys need to hurry. Marina’s in danger; I think the slavers may have gotten her.

Keith: Don’t worry. We’ll be there sooner than you can blink. (looks at the tunnel) Well, maybe not that soon, but we’ll there.

Quenn: Okay. Try to find out how many people that bullet train can hold. I think it’s the only way we’ll be able to get all of these girls off the island.

Keith: Will do. We’ll let you know as soon as we find out.

Quenn: All right. I’m going to find Marina now.

Quenn hangs up and dashes down the hallway. Meanwhile, a dark panel in shown before slightly opening to a blurry sight. Marina’s eyes flutter until they focus on Nero.

Nero: Hello. At last, we meet.

Marina gasps slightly and tries to rise, but quickly finds that she can’t. Marina is shown to be kneeling on the ground with her arms pulled high above her head. Marina pulls against her bonds, but she is unable to loosen them.

Nero: You may not know me, but I am the one who heads this operation, Nero Gregorov. I take it you’ve rested well?

Marina: Can’t say I did.

Nero: Defiant. I like that. However, being defiant will only get you so far. In fact, that’s why you’re here now. Ahab has told me that you may be a spy. (he looks at Marina) They’ve started training them young, haven’t they? Of course, we know that you didn’t act alone, and that you must have someone here with you. We’re using you to draw him out, and at the same time, we also need to make you realize just who your master truly is. So, to do that, we’re going to have ourselves a private purge party.

Nero snaps his fingers. A trapdoor opens above and a pair of feet are shown first as someone is slowly lowered through the trapdoor. Marina gasps as she recognizes Gita. Gita’s clothes are slightly torn and there are small bruises on her body, face and legs. Her arms are tied over her head with thick, heavy chains and a small wooden stick has been fastened into her mouth with a thin string, making a makeshift bit gag. Below Gita is a deep pit filled with the boiling volcanic water of the island. Gita calls through her gag at Marina.

Marina: Gita! Let her go!

Nero: I can’t do that. As I said before, I must show you who your master is, and the way to do that is to punish you through her. So I’m going to purge your cellmate here to drive home the fact that you now belong to me.

Marina: You’re sick! I’ll stop you somehow!

Nero: My pet, there’s nothing you can do to stop me. You can’t even get yourself free. Besides, the island could always use more breeding stock to keep it running.

Nero snaps his fingers to Ahab, who quickly comes up behind Marina and pulls a thick cloth in between her teeth. Marina shakes her head furiously, trying to shake Ahab off of her, but Ahab’s grip is firm.

Nero: A few minor adjustments here and there are needed to break you, but after all of that, I think you would be comfortable with the idea. Besides, what I have in store for you, hands and feet are somewhat… optional.

Nero walks over to a wheel holding the chain that leads up to the wench holding Gita in the air.

Nero: Sorry, sweetheart, but your stay here has come to a rather abrupt end. You can die knowing that you kept quite a few girls healthy enough for breeding before we disposed of them.

Nero releases the wheel, causing the wench to rapidly descend toward the water. Gita screams into her gag as she falls toward the boiling liquid, but just before she can break the surface, a blur moving too fast to be seen by Nero or Ahab, dashes to where Gita is falling, grabbing her in mid-air. Marina lets out a brief sigh of relief.

Nero: What?!

Quenn has finished removing the chains around Gita’s wrists and the bit gag from her mouth.

Gita: It’s you. You’re the boy who brought Salima to me…

Quenn: Can you move?

Gita: Yes, I think so.

Quenn: Hurry, get out of here. Find your friends.

Gita: But, Marina…

Quenn: Don’t worry. We’ll be right behind you.

Gita nods her head and dashes out of the room. Quenn launches a Wind Bullet that clips into the ropes holding Marina’s wrists above her head. Half-freed from her bindings, Marina grabs Ahab and flips him over her and onto the ground. Marina then breathes a small cloud of cryokinetic energy that freezes the ropes around her wrists, allowing her to break them. Marina then stands up to face Nero alongside Quenn. Nero is very silent during the occurrence of events.

Quenn: [to Marina] Ready to finish this?

Marina nods. Suddenly, the two grab their outfits and snatch them away, changing into their default outfits.

Nero: If you believe that the two of you can stop my operation, you’re more naïve than I thought. But I must admit, you took me aback just now. But now, let me show you why many heroes before you failed to liberate this island!

Suddenly, Nero’s appearance begins to change as his upper body starts to bulk up. Quenn and Marina watch in disgust.

Nero: Now you will bow before your master!

Nero lunges toward Quenn and Marina. The scene cuts away to the panicked shouts and footsteps of the slave girls. Keith and Brandon have managed to use Nero’s private bullet train to get on Bone Island. They have knocked out quite a few of the slavers.

Brandon: Hurry, everyone! Get onto the train! There’s more than enough room to take everyone back to safety!

All of the girls get onto the train, including Millefeuille.

Keith: That should be just about everybody.

Brandon: Hang on, Keith! We’re missing a few people!

Just then, Gita runs out of a hallway towards Keith and Brandon.

Gita: Please, I need help. My friend Marina is still back there with that monster! You have to help her!

Keith: Don’t worry. We will. Some of your friends are already on board. You should join them. [to Brandon] I’ll go help Quenn and Marina. Brandon, you start taking everyone back to the mainland.

Brandon: Right. I’ll be back to pick you guys up afterwards.

Brandon and Gita go inside the train, and Brandon makes his way to the conductor’s cabin while Keith runs down the hallway that Gita emerged from. Meanwhile, Quenn and Marina battle against the transformed Nero. Nero’s charge from before picks up from where it left off as he attempts to run Quenn and Marina down. Quenn and Marina leap to opposite sides to avoid the attack, however, Nero is able to stop himself and turn back towards Quenn. Nero swings his arm, striking Quenn with a clothesline that sends Quenn tumbling head over heels.

Marina: Quenn!

Nero: I wouldn’t worry about him. You should be more worried about what I’m going to do to you.

Nero lunges toward Marina, attempting to grab her in a bear hug, but Marina quickly leaps away to prepare for a back flip. However, Nero manages to grab Marina’s ankles, pulling her back down to the floor and onto her back. Marina looks up from her daze to see Nero standing over her.

Nero: Years of my family’s work, ruined within two days! (kicks Marina in the stomach) And by a girl, no less! (kicks Marina in the stomach again) All of my slaves, gone! (steps on Marina’s ankle; Marina cries out) Now I’ll have to sterilize this place and start my legacy over again. But this time, I’m keeping you. (he picks Marina up by her hair) Don’t worry, I’ll make sure your friend keeps you company. But for now, it’s time for you to sleep.

Just before Nero is able to act, he is struck from behind as Keith charges into him with his Burst Rocket attack. The attack pushes Nero away from Marina, allowing Quenn, Marina and Keith to regroup.

Quenn: You sure took your time getting here.

Keith: Brandon and I had to do a lot of evacuating. Everyone should be back on the mainland as we speak.

Nero: Damn… blasted, annoying brats! You still make a mockery of me? Children or not, neither of you will ruin what took my family years to perfect! When I’m finished with you, I’ll keep your heads as my personal trophies! Do you hear me?!

Quenn: The game’s up! Your slaves are freed, and your slavers have been beaten. Make it easy on yourself and give up, now!

Nero: [chuckles] Or what? You’re going to use the power of friendship and gang up on me?

Keith: Actually, why don’t you think of Quenn and me as referees. We figured someone needed to put you in your place, and who better to do that than the fairer sex?

Marina walks toward Nero.

Marina: That’s right, Nero. Your battle is with me.

Nero: [as he shakes his fist with anger] You arrogant little… (his anger subsides) No matter. It actually works out this way, because now I finally get you all to myself.

Nero and Marina square off with each other for a moment. Suddenly, Nero dashes toward Marina and throws a few punches and jabs, which Marina dodges and parries against. Nero pulls back and throws a strong right-handed punch, but Marina parries it while leaping up before twirling and striking Nero in the head with a palm. Nero drops to all fours while Marina lands in a crouch with her back to Nero and her arms out to her sides. Nero shakes his head to clear the stars from his vision as Marina walks toward him and offers a hand to him.

Marina: It doesn’t have to be like this. Please, let these girls have their lives back.

Nero: I don’t need your pity!

Nero rises up from the floor, throwing a handful of dust at Marina. Marina cries out in surprise as some of the dust gets into her eyes. Nero uses the trick to pull out a small dagger from a sheath on his leg as Marina tries to clear the dust away.

Nero: You got in a few lucky shots, girl, but you’re about to learn that you shouldn’t bring fists and feet to a knife fight.

Nero takes a wide swing with the knife, which Marina narrowly avoids. Nero pulls back and quickly thrusts his knife at Marina once more, but Marina parries it by pushing the blade away. As she parries, Marina uses her right leg to clip Nero’s legs from beneath him, making him fall onto the ground hard. Nero’s knife clatters onto the floor harmlessly as Marina looks down upon Nero, still slightly rubbing her eyes. Nero reaches up weakly before letting out a small groan and passing out, reverting to his previous form.

Keith: Man, remind me not to ever get on your bad side.

Marina: He’ll be fine. A little concussed, but he’ll live.

Quenn: Well, let’s hope that something like this doesn’t happen again. Whoever thought this would be a good career choice clearly has some screws loose.

Marina: Right. Besides, we have one more promise we need to fulfill.

Later, back at Bellville, we see Carêmella fetching water from a pump in the center of town. She looks into the distance and sees the approaching forms of the Adepts with one other figure. Carêmella walks a few steps closer to see who is with the Adepts, then recognizes it as Millefeuille. Carêmella drops her bucket and runs over to the Adepts and Millefeuille, grabbing Millefeuille in a tight hug.

Carêmella: My precious little child, you’re safe! Éclaire and I were so worried about you! Are you okay?

Millefeuille: [nods] Yes, I’m fine. The Adepts saved me, and quite a few others.

Carêmella: [looks up at the Adepts] Thank you all for saving my daughter and bringing her back to me. I never had any doubts.

The Adepts chuckle warmly at the event. Later, the Adepts discuss the aftermath of Bone Island and the former slaves.

Keith: So, what happened to that Nero guy and his goons?

Marina: Carted off to prison. The slavers started to destroy almost everything connected to Bone Island, but they were able to convince them of the hidden bullet train line. The authorities  also acquired quite a few videos of some girls being forced to compete in snuff games. Hopefully that’s enough to convict Nero and his slavers and put them away for a long time.

Brandon: What about the girls?

Marina: Gita and Gretchen are converting the village that the slavers were using into a home for runaways and other girls looking to escape the slave life. They adopted the girls and are busy removing every influence of the slavers.

Quenn: Marina, you really saved a lot of people. Even when it seemed impossible, you stuck to your roots and never gave up.

Marina: Well, I didn’t do it alone, Quenn. You did keep me rooted a bit, even when I wanted to lose it.

The next day, the Adepts are standing outside the village as Carêmella, Éclaire and Millefeuille see them off.

Carêmella: Once again, thank you all for saving my daughter. But, are you really sure you have to leave? You’re welcome to stay as long as you like.

Quenn: We appreciate the offer, but there’s something we have to do first.

Brandon: Our mentor is still out there, so we can’t stop searching.

Carêmella: I understand. Feel free to stop by for a visit every now and then.

Marina: [nodding] We will. Thanks for your hospitality.

Éclaire: Sorry I was such a brat to you guys the whole time. I promise I’ll try to work on it from now on.

Keith: You weren’t too bad. Just smile some more, okay?

Éclaire: [nodding] It’s a deal.

Carêmella: Be careful heading out to Shima Town. There’s a place between this village and Shima Town called Gust Valley, and it’s very active with sandstorms and antlions. This town isn’t able to afford airships like Shima Town, so you’ll have to get there on foot.

Keith: Shima Town must be loaded with Zet.

Quenn: Well, there’s only one way for us to find out.

The Adepts wave goodbye as they leave.

End of Chapter
Khaotic Nature-Stage 17
Aaaaand.... done. This chapter finally puts the Bone Island trilogy arc to rest. It's time to keep things rolling.

In this chapter, Marina is being pursued by the slavers, who have kidnapped Gita and plan on drawing Marina out into the open. After being subdued by a mild poison, Marina is brought before the slavers' master, Nero Gregorov, who plans on using her to lure out Quenn, but before that, he plans on having a "private purge party". Can Quenn get to Marina in time? Can Keith and Brandon evacuate the girls from the island?

(On a small note, I think I copped out at showing how Keith and Brandon just showed up at the island near the middle and how the slavers were "magically beaten". When I'm refreshed, I'll probably go back into the chapter and show what happened with them.)

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Stage 16: Bone Island II

Narrator: When we last left off, the Adepts were left to wonder as Banenoir revealed that he sold Millefeuille to slavers. However, the Adepts were soon approached by Icirrus, who told them that Millefeuille had been taken to Bone Island, an enslavement camp operated on an island within a hollowed-out volcano. Having told the Adepts this, Icirrus in return wished to not be attacked by the Adepts. With no other choice, the Adepts agreed, and Quenn and Marina set off to a port town operated by slavers. With Marina as voluntary bait, the two made their way onto Bone Island, where it was revealed that Millefeuille was indeed there. Now the question is, how will the two manage to save her and escape?

The scene picks up from the previous chapter with a panoramic view of the room with the three girls in it, along with a close-up image of Marina’s wide-eyed face.

Marina: M-Millie…

Millefeuille: Marina? (nearly in tears, the little girl runs toward Marina and leaps into her arms) It’s really you! I knew you would come for me!

Marina: Are you okay? Did they do anything?

Millefeuille: [shakes her head] No. They keep me in the junior quarters here. The mean people don’t bother us there.

Gita: That’s right. Some of them are asked to assist the slaves in the medical wing. Here, we treat the slaves that take the worst of Nero’s brutality.

Marina: [looks at the victim on the bed] Like her?

Gita: Yes. The pain from Nero’s “demonstration” was so severe that we had to place her into sedation.

A bird’s-eye POV shot as Marina looks down at the girl and her wounds, followed by a low, left Dutch-angle shot of Marina looking at her own hand.

Millefeuille: Marina, I’m scared. That won’t happen to me, will it?

Marina: [shakes her head] No, it won’t. I’ll make sure of it. I’ll get you out of this place, Millie; don’t you worry.

Marina gives Millefeuille a hug. Transition to the Starlight Bed and Breakfast Inn, after Brandon and Keith have explained to Carêmella what has happened. Éclaire has joined them, and has grown impatient.

Éclaire: Ugh! I’m sick of this! How long do we have to wait? You guys are supposed to be heroes, aren’t you? Go save my sister!

Carêmella: Éclaire! Don’t be rude with our guests!

Éclaire: I’m sorry. I’m just so… I’m worried about Millie, and it feels like there’s nothing anyone can do to bring her back.

Brandon: Don’t worry. Quenn and Marina are going to bring Millefeuille back. You’ll see.

Carêmella: I hope you’re right, Brandon. I don’t know what I’d do

Back on Bone Island, a slaver walks into Marina and Gita’s cell.

Slaver: [to Marina] New girl, on your feet.

Marina stands up.

Slaver: Let’s take a walk for a few minutes.

The slaver puts a pair of handcuffs on Marina’s wrists with a thin rope being used as a leash. The slaver and Marina walk to a small cell, where another, younger slaver is waiting inside.

Slaver: All right, rookie, you got fifteen minutes to do what you want with her. The door will be locked the whole time, so don’t go getting any slick ideas, girlie.

The slaver shuts the door, leaving Marina and the young slaver inside. The slaver removes his helmet, revealing Quenn’s face and tied-back hair.

Quenn: Tell me you’ve got some good news, Marina. This slaver life is starting to make me sick.

Marina: You think it’s hard being a slaver? Try being a slave. But yeah, I do have some good news. I managed to find Millie.

Quenn: Really? That’s great! Let’s go find her so we can get out of here!

Marina: That’s a lot easier said than done, Quenn. If we just take Millie and leave, the slavers will start asking questions about why two of their slaves and one of the slavers have suddenly gone missing.

Quenn: Marina, you know we can’t possibly save over 30 slaves by ourselves. And this is a very serious issue we’re dealing with.

Marina: But if we don’t try, they’ll take out their frustrations on the other slaves. Not to mention there are slaves here that are the same age as Millie.

Quenn sighs in a resigned manner.

Quenn: Okay. We’ll try. But I’m afraid it’s going to take a lot more than just two teenagers to free everyone. Just go back to what you were doing. I’ll try to get in touch with the others and tell them what’s happening. Don’t blow your cover unless you absolutely have to.

Marina simply nods her head. After their talk, Marina is sent back to her cell. Quenn then pulls out a smartphone-like object and dials a number. At the Starlight Bed and Breakfast Inn, the number rings through to Keith. Also in the room are Brandon, Carêmella and Éclaire.

Keith: Go ahead, Quenn.

Quenn: I’ve got some good news and some bad news. We were able to find Millefeuille.

Brandon: But…

Quenn: But, we can’t exactly just take Millefeuille and leave the island. If two girls just went missing, the slavers would catch on and start venting on the other girls, and there would be too many victims on our conscience.

Brandon: I’m not sure if having all four of us there would help things very much either, but if it gets to the point where the slavers start treating them like they’re expendable, then we have to act.

Quenn: I’ll send you guys a map to the village that the slavers own. You should be able to sneak onto the gondola to get onto the island. I’m not sure how long Marina and I can hold our cover, though.

Keith: Just hang tight. We’ll be there soon.

Quenn: Right. Sign off.

Quenn hangs up. Keith receives the map of the slaver village on his phone before looking at Brandon.

Keith: Ready?

Brandon: [nodding] Yeah.

Carémella: Be careful. And please, bring my child back safely.

Keith: We will.

Keith and Brandon dash out of the house. Later, Quenn is shown with a group of slavers looking over a large group of slave girls. The slave girls are being made to move stones away from the coastline. Some of the girls load the rocks into wheelbarrows while the girls using the wheelbarrows move the rocks away, dump them out, and return for another load. One of the girls gets dangerously close to the shore for one and accidentally places a foot into the water. She lets out a shrill pained scream as she quickly pulls her foot, which is now pale, out of the water. She falls to the ground, holding her foot. One of the slavers goes over to her with a whip in hand.

Slaver: Get up, slave! You have a job to finish!

The slaver starts whipping the girl, each time harder than the last. The act makes Quenn furious. Another girl, larger and taller than the girl being whipped, tries to go over to help, but the slaver turns around and starts to turn his whip to her. Quenn has had enough and dashes over to position himself between the girl and the whip. A low, right Dutch-angle shot of Quenn is shown catching the whip with one hand.

Quenn: Hey! Enough! The girl can’t get up! Don’t make the situation worse!

Slaver: What’d you say, you little runt?! (seethes furiously, but then calms down) What am I all worked up for? I’m only dealing with a snot-nosed insubordinate. Fine, I’ll leave them alone, but I’m writing you up. This is the big leagues, sonny-boy. If you can’t dish out pain to a few worthless Jezebels, you clearly don’t have what it takes to be a slaver. Get her to the medical wing and get her injuries checked out. Then, once she’s able to move, get her to the brothel.

The slaver walks away.

Quenn: [thinking] Don’t worry, buddy. Not like this is a career choice I want to get behind. (aloud) Are you okay?

Tall Girl: I never thought I’d be saying this to one of… you, but thank you. (she looks at the girl lying on the ground) Salima… is she going to be okay?

Quenn checks  Salima, the girl lying on the ground, who has passed out from being whipped.

Quenn: She’s passed out. That guy did quite a number on her. Is there some place I can take her that’ll treat this?

Tall Girl: The medical wing. A friend of mine is stationed there. Ask for Gita.

Quenn: Gita. Got it. (he picks Salima up in a cradle carry) Don’t worry. Your friend will be back up and running before you know it… er, no pun intended.

Quenn heads off to the medical wing as the tall girl looks at him.

Tall Girl: [thinking] It’s unusual… normally, slavers care about nothing but boosting their egos. But this one… his degree of care is so genuine, he seems… human.

In the cafeteria, all of the girls talk about what happened to Salima earlier.

Gita: Well, Salima’s going to be fine. It’s a good thing that slaver boy brought her in as quickly as he did. She’s a little bruised from moderate whipping, but she’ll recover quickly. The damage to her foot from stepping into the water wasn’t very serious, but she was told to stay off of it for a few days.

Evanna shudders in fear as she clings to Gretchen fearfully.

Gretchen: Don’t be afraid. I’ll protect you, as long as it takes.

Hilda: Is it true that Salima’s going to be sent to the brothel?

Gita: That’s what the slaver boy said, but he warned me about it. To keep that from happening, I had to put Salima on medical leave.

Gretchen: But that’s only a small guarantee that the slavers won’t try anything. It doesn’t mean that they’ll listen. We must face it: we are simply here to be seen and not heard.

Marina: [finally speaking] Has anyone here ever tried fighting back?

The other girls stop and look at her in silence.

Gita: Marina—

Marina: This isn’t right. What makes these slavers think that they can treat people this way?

Gretchen: It must be in their nature to treat people differently from themselves. That must be why they punish us so. And if we tried to fight back, it would do no good. They outnumber us, and we’re far too few to make any kind of impact.

Marina: But, you have to fight back eventually. What can the slavers do that they haven’t done already?

Gita: …The Purging.

Marina: “The Purging”? What’s that?

Paloma: It is when the slavers take girls who have been insubordinate and unruly out into the middle of the volcanic waters, and they dunk them in, one by one, until all of them are far below the surface. In short, it is why this place is called Bone Island. Any of us who cannot be taught obedience or subservience is nothing more than fodder.

Gretchen: And it doesn’t matter how important some slave girls are. Laborer, medic or showgirl; neither are safe from The Purging. The brothel is just a small punishment. The Purging would make you wish that you went to the brothel instead.

Marina: You can’t just hide like it doesn’t exist. You’re allowing someone to control your free will.

Just then, a male slaver walks over to the table where Marina and the other girls are sitting and dumps a tray of gruel onto Hilda. Bewildered, Hilda can only whimper.

Slaver: Sorry, slave, guess my hands aren’t as steady as I thought. Do me a favor and clean it up.

Paloma: Hilda…

Hilda can only shudder.

Slaver: Maybe you didn’t hear me the first time, slave. I said clean it up. Or would you rather I have you taken to the whipping post?

Hilda closes her eyes in resignation and begins to kneel, which makes the slaver smirk, but Marina places her hand on her shoulder to stop her.

Marina: You don’t have to do anything, Hilda.

Slaver: Look who’s deciding to be brave. You may be new here, but don’t let it be more unpleasant for you than it is already. Unless you wish to share this one’s beating.

Marina: It takes a real big man to order someone around. You’d think he’d know how to clean up his own mess.

The slaver walks up to Marina.

Slaver: You’d better stand down, girl. If you think you can’t be purged, you’ve got another thing coming. But I’ll give you another chance to avoid that and send you off to the brothel for the night. If you think I’m nasty, the boys at the brothel have got nothing on me.

Marina: No, but I but they smell the same way you do… just like a pig.

Angry at Marina’s insult, the slaver draws back to punch Marina. Marina dodges by leaning her head to the side, then strikes the slaver in the side with a kick. The slaver staggers as Marina runs off of his chest and thrusts both of her legs out, connecting with the slaver’s chest. The slaver falls onto the ground. Most of the girls watching all gasp, while some of them watch intently. The slaver sits up and blows a whistle around his neck. Suddenly, half a dozen slavers come out, standing on all sides of Marina. The slaver smirks evilly.

Marina: So, is this how all slavers react? Call in the rest of the patrol?

Slaver #2: You’d best stand down, girl! Don’t make us use force!

Hilda: Marina, please, don’t get yourself into trouble because of me. [to the slaver] I-I’ll clean it up. Just don’t hurt her.

The slavers stand down and walk over to the slaver on the ground, helping him up. Hilda walks over to the pile of gruel and starts to clean it from the floor. Marina looks at Hilda for a moment before looking at the slaver, who grins evilly at her before holding two fingers up.

Slaver: See this, slave? It’s a toe tag. You’ll be needing it when Master Nero hears about this insubordination.

Marina: I’m sure.

The slavers walk away. As they do, the slaver that started the incident smirks.

Slaver: Watch her closely. If she so much as sneezes, I want you on her like white on rice.

The other slavers nod. Later, the slaver that Marina previously fought with has gone to tell Nero.

Slaver: I’m telling you, Master Nero, this girl isn’t like those others. No more than two days ago did this girl appear that we’ve had any problems. I believe that this girl may be some kind of spy.

Nero: A spy, you say? That would be preposterous. As I said before, Ahab, no one can escape this island, much less try to infiltrate it.

Ahab: That’s why I believe that this girl did infiltrate us, and that she isn’t alone. On the same day that girl appeared, an extra slaver “joined” our ranks.

Nero places a hand to his chin in thought.

Nero: Hmm. You may have a point. Then you will bring this girl to me tomorrow. Use her cellmate if you have to. Besides, if this girl and that slaver are working together, we’ll use her to draw him out. And if you’re right about this, we may have to purge a slave and a slaver.

Much later, Quenn and Marina have met again in the same cell.

Quenn: You did what? Marina, do you know how many eyes are gonna be trained on you for what you did?

Marina: I know that, but that guy was starting to aggravate me! I couldn’t help it! I couldn’t just let him bully those girls.

Quenn: That’s not the point! We can’t risk doing anything that’ll blow our cover.

Marina: Oh, you’re one to talk. What about that girl you brought in to the medical wing earlier?

Quenn: That was situational! You fought a slaver in plain view! Don’t you think that may be a little on the doorstep of “I’m a spy”? There’s no way we’ll be able to save everyone here. Our best chance is to take Millefeuille and leave while there’s still an out.

Marina: [with an aggravated groan] You sound like Keith! What’s going here is wrong, Quenn, and you and I both know it!

Quenn: Of course I know, but we won’t be able to help anyone if we die in the process! You just said that they “purge” the girls that they can’t keep in line. What do you think will happen when they find out that the girl who came in no less than two days ago is fighting with slavers?

Marina falls silent.

Marina: I’m sorry. I’ll try to be careful.

Quenn: Hopefully Keith and Brandon can get here before our covers get seriously blown.

The next morning, after breakfast, Gita is shown walking to the medical wing. As she enters the room she sees a body covered from head to toe with a sheet. Gita reads the logging chart before heading over to the operating table.

Gita: Well, let’s see now. It says here that you have some serious burns on your body. I’m sure we can treat and salve them so they won’t be as painful.

As Gita goes to the cabinet to gather the medical supplies, a male slaver walks into the room.

Male Slaver: Are you one of the girls from cell G-4?

Gita: Um, yes, I am. What is this pertaining to?

Male Slaver: Just making a few inquiries, if you don’t mind. Late last night, you and your cellmate missed curfew and weren’t in your cell for five hours. Care to explain?

Gita: My cellmate and I were held up here most of the night. Some of the girls’ injuries were quite extensive.

Behind Gita, the sheet over the figure is removed to reveal a female slaver. The female slaver quietly rises to a sitting position with a cloth soaked with chloroform at the ready.

Male Slaver: I see. And where are the girls now?

Gita: Well, I took the liberty in calling to the brothel and had them moved there.

The male slaver and Gita are silent for a moment. Suddenly, the male slaver’s mood changes.

Male Slaver: Well, then, sorry for bothering you. I’ll let you return to your work.

Gita turns to face the “injured body”, only to find the female slaver sitting up. The female slaver thrusts the soaked cloth into Gita’s face. Gita struggles to remove the female slaver’s hand from her face, but the male slaver walks up behind her and grabs her hands, holding them behind her. Gita’s struggles become weaker and weaker until her body is finally limp.

Male Slaver: Let’s get her to Master Nero. We’ll use her to get her cellmate.

The two slavers carry the unconscious Gita out of the room. In the cafeteria, Marina has finished eating her food and gets ready to head to the medical wing. She walks by Gretchen, who stops her. The two speak indistinctly before going their separate ways. As Marina approaches the room where she and Gita are stationed, she sees two slavers standing in front of the door. Marina starts to back away, but then Ahab and two more slavers approach her from behind. Marina turns back to face the slavers standing in front of the door.

Marina: [thinking] I’m in trouble…

End of Chapter
Khaotic Nature-Stage 16
Ah, finally got it up. Coming up with ideas for both Stages 16 and 17 nearly drained the life out of me. :faint:

Quenn and Marina arrive on Bone Island as a slaver and a slave in order to find Millefeuille. Marina meets Millefeuille in the medical wing, as junior slaves are ordered to assist the older ones. However, the cruelty of the slavers continues to bother both Adepts, and no sooner does Marina realize that all of the slaves need help. However, evacuating an island of more than 30 slave girls is easier said than done...
Marina Revamp
I had been struggling to come up with a look for Marina lately. Last night, I sat down and drew this up in a few minutes. For anyone who isn't familiar, Marina is one of the protagonists of my series, Khaotic Nature. I mostly drew it to test a new hairstyle for her, which I think looks great on her.

The shirt kind of has a vibe of what Mimi's looked like from Digimon Adventure 2, but while the top part is blue, the bottom part is a lighter blue with no insignia on it, and the shirt is full-length instead of a midriff. I tried to make the shirt something of a cap-sleeve type (which is hardly any sleeve).

P.S., sorry if it's still hard to see... ^^;
I'll admit I haven't really been posting that much lately. That's mainly due to real-life issues, though. Also, I didn't want to do anything if I couldn't fully commit to it, so I kind of put Khaotic Nature down for a little bit. I will get back to it, but it may take longer.
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